Battles Through History

Battles Through History is the new Multi period living history show you simply MUST get to in 2024!

Set in 150 acres at the South of England Showground, this show is set to be the Last Hurrah of the summer season. Not only a great day out for families and friends, but fabulous for all those that participate.

There will be Living History, Military Vehicles, Wargamers, Modelmakers, a Vintage Village, Traders in all things of all eras. Museum quality exhibitors, hands on history for the children to get involved with and battles, live music and entertainment – and many, many battles!

What’s going on?

  • We have some fabulous groups lined up for you bringing history alive in front of your eyes. From ancient to modern warfare, with demonstrations, skirmishes, and hand to hand combat we aim to show you how things really were. Full details of the groups attending and the times of battles etc will be in the programme. If you are part of a group and wish to take part, please complete the application form. We would love to have as many diverse groups as possible. We don’t charge re-enactors and will endeavor to fulfil any requirements. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified first of the groups taking part or complete our re-enactors application form if you wish to take part.
  • We have a huge variety of vehicles joining us including a couple of helicopters, heavy amour, and everything in between! The owners are very knowledgeable about their vehicles and will be happy to chat to you about them and their history. There will be a full list of vehicles in the shows programme, so you can check them off as you find them! If you would like to bring your vehicles or are part of a vehicle owners group, we would love to hear from you. We don’t charge vehicles willing to display for the 2 days of the show. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified first of the vehicles taking part or complete our vehicle application form if you wish to take part.
  • Something different for a military show! A space dedicated to all things vintage. Be it a dress, a hair do, some jewellery or homewares there will be stalls full of pretty items for you to buy. There will also be a vintage tea room to enjoy a slice of cake and a cup of tea! If you are a vintage trader, please get in touch. If you think you can bring something a bit different and special to the show, we want to hear from you. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified first of what to expect or complete our trader’s application form if you wish to take part.


See you on the Battles Through History show!

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Battles Through History