Spitfire & Hurricane Memorial Museum

The Memorial Museum is situated on one of the very few surviving airfields which participated in the Battle of Britain.

During the Second world war RAF Manston was only 10 minutes flying time from what was then Occupied France, and bore the brunt of the early Luftwaffe attacks in the long, hot summer of 1940. It was also regarded as a useful “dropping off” (releasing any unused bombs) point for German aircraft returning to their bases in northern France.

Indeed, RAF Manston was at the forefront of many major aerial campaigns during the War, seeing service as a recovery airfield for stricken RAF and USAAF bombers retuning from action Germany as well as a base for fighters involved in Operation Crossbow (the defence against V weapons) in 1944-45.

In addition to it’s wartime service RAF Manston has also been at the forefront of development as it was used by bombers to trial to bouncing bomb project as well as hosting the first ever jet squadron of the RAF (616).

Today the Museum continues to commemorate the brave men and women who served in defence of our country through displaying the aircraft and objects they used as well as telling their stories. Central to the display are the iconic Spitfire Mk XVI and Hurricane Mk IIc which can be visited for free by the public. Indeed, since the arrival of the Spitfire Simulator, visitors can even experience what it is like to fly high powered WWII fighters from the safety of the ground.

Finally, and most importantly, the Museum also hosts the Allied Aircrew Memorial garden which has regular services and commemorates those brave warriors that fell in defence of their countries.

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Spitfire & Hurricane Memorial Museum